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Before departure

In order to go with our agency, you have to visit one of our offices or register on the website by completing an online form. Our recruiters will contact you to present current job offers and guide you through the recruitment process. We reserve the right to contact selected candidates.
After you accept working conditions and a period for departure, the process of assembling necessary documents and signing the contract to direct you to a foreign employer to the Netherlands or Germany occurs. We shall help you to arrange a bus trip. We have been cooperating with trusted transport providers who will take you to the place of your destination. The costs of transport to and from the Netherlands and Germany have to be covered on your own.
We cooperate with proven customers only. Going with us, you are certain to start a legal job, you are subject to the Collective Employment Agreement and entitled to all employee benefits in the country of employment. We are listed in the register of Employment Agencies under number 11653 and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number KvK 62823086.
Every week we get offers with a possibility to go in pairs. Unfortunately, an employer is not able to guarantee joint work, which results from differences in qualifications between friends (such as the knowledge of a language, a driving licence, fork lift certificates, etc.) However, an employer makes every effort to provide a pair with joint accommodation.
You have to take with yourself an ID or passport (ATTENTION: a document cannot be broken, damaged or expired), a document with a banking account, a debit card – to have an access to the money earned for the first two weeks of stay and a tax number from a given country if it has been issued (BSN – in the Netherlands or Steuernummer - in Germany). It is also advisable to take a driving licence, a valid and current clearance certificate from the state criminal records, certificates confirming skills and references.
You have to take shoes with steel toe caps. If you do not possess such shoes, you will get them from an employer. The employer will also provide you with special protective clothing if it is required in the plant. Depending on an employer, clothes and footwear might be free of charge or paid. You will get detailed information on that matter during recruitment or in the contract you sign with us. You also have to take bed-linen, a sleeping bag, a cutlery set, plates, a mug and a pot.

After arrival

Most employers pay remuneration every week, however the first payment occurs after 2 weeks and the last one after the job comes to an end. In cases when an employer makes payments every 4 weeks, there is a possibility to get an advanced payment towards a salary. It is worth taking money for the first two weeks of your stay until the first salary or advance payment is made. The costs of accommodation, insurance and taxes are deducted from the remuneration, which means you do not need to take extra money to cover them. The remuneration is transferred to an employee's personal bank account.
Each person willing to start a legal job in the Netherlands or Germany must be in possession of a tax identification number (the Netherlands – BSN, Germany – Steuernummer). These numbers are issued once so if you worked in the Netherlands or Germany earlier, you should take them. But if you still do not have these numbers, a foreign employer will help you to handle formalities.
At the time of the contract an employer provides you with accommodation. It is an all year round bungalow or a workers' hostel. We shall give you the address of your Dutch or German accommodation at the time of signing the contract.
Pursuant to legal regulations effective in the country of employment, during the period of the contract you are covered by a compulsory, basic insurance scheme. You are entitled to the same social benefits as other workers employed in the plant.
An employer will arrange your travel to a workplace in the Netherlands and Germany. Most companies we cooperate with have their own vehicles at your disposal. If the distance to work is short, you may ride on the bicycle.
After an arrival you will have a contact with a coordinator who will assist you with formalities, introduce you to an employer and help you in case of difficulties. We shall hand you a coordinator's number at the time of signing the contract.

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